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Our Napoli Collection


  • City: Napoli, Italy
  • Owners: Father-son duo Vincenzo and Guiseppe.
  • Founded: 1991
  • Maguire products: Alpi leather gloves
  • Total annual production: 100,000 pairs


Transparent pricing: 


History of this partner:

In 1964, at the tender age of 16, the founder of this factory discovered a passion that would follow him throughout life. In his first job at small Neapolitan factory he would learn the art of the “Neapolitan Glove.” His son Guiseppe would inherit the same passion and in 1991 take the reigns of the family business, injecting new energy and expanding within Italy and abroad.

How did we find them?

It was on the way to visiting our Florence factory that our founder and designer Myriam happened across the products originating from this factory. Thoroughly impressed by the selection of coloured leathers, the craftsmanship and the reasonable price, Myriam reached out to the company and entered into business with them right away. As a bonus, they already exported to Canada, so it saved us a lot of paperwork! What luck!