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We're working to build an ecosystem where everyone wins: Our customers, our suppliers, and our team! It's an ambitious project and we need people ready to innovate and make an impact. Sounds like you?

Current Job Opportunities

New York Store


Thrive on Change

At Maguire, evolution is constant. As a quickly growing company, we solve today's problems while innovating for tomorrow at the same time. We think deeply on the future of the retail industry and how we can be at the forefront of that change. We look for people who are comfortable in a changing environment and who always seek opportunities for improvement.

Collective Success

The fashion industry can sometimes appear cold and unwelcoming. But here at Maguire, we subscribe to a collective definition of success. We succeed when the team succeeds. We seek to inspire as much as to be inspired. We maintain a positive and inclusive work environment where collaboration and effort is rewarded.


We are a small team. That means that every person and every role matters. We appreciate smart, motivated people who take personal ownership of their jobs and don't wait to be told what to do. Great work happens when we can all depend on each other to pull through!

Diversity and Self Expression

We view fashion as a way to express one's self and have fun. We value people who bring a diversity of experience, interests, skills, or style to our team, and who are not shy about expressing themselves through fashion.

 These are some qualities that we value in our team. If this sounds like you, send us your resumé at Can't wait to meet you!