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Our Dongguan Collection

The deets:

  • Where:  Dongguan, China
  • Who:  Justin and his partners
  • Employees:  150
  • Founded:  2009
  • Maguire Products:  Treviso, Anne, Marie, Chelsea

Why we love this supplier:

The whole gamut of products get manufactured in China, from the low-end to the high-end. When you’re really lucky, you can find a manufacturer that not only upholds high standards for their staff and products, but also have experience producing for other brands we highly admire!  This is one of those lucky finds!

Their story:

The third generation in his family working in the shoe business, Justin comes from a Taiwanese family who opened their first factory in Taiwan after the Cultural Revolution. Since graduating in 2009, Justin has launched his own business in China, choosing to focus on small-batch, high-end manufacturing rather than the low-cost, high-volume approach of prior generations.

How we connected:

This one goes way, way back. Justin and Myriam met over ten years ago, while they were both studying footwear design at the London College of Fashion.  They have remained good friends ever since.

Here at Maguire, Justin has supported us since the beginning, manufacturing our very first product: the Treviso luxury sneaker.