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Our Business Model

Did you know that almost half of what you pay on a typical shoe serves to cover marketing costs and wholesale markups?  At Maguire, everything about our products is haut de gamme, except for the prices. How do we do it?



No Middlemen

As much as we can, we do it ourselves.  No agents, no distributors, no middlemen.  We cut out as many steps between us and you and sell our products directly through our own distribution network.

Transparency Policy

For a relationship to last, it must be based on trust. This is why we choose to be 100% transparent. We are up front about everything: Our costs, our factories, our whole process. More than quality products, we offer you the possibility to make an informed purchase decision. Learn more about our Transparent Prices.

The Best Factories Chosen with Care

We don’t rely on agents.  This means we personally visit factories around the world and select only the best for our production.  In fact, we produce in some of the very same factories as our favourite high-end luxury brands, but sell at half their price!  See our factory pages for more info.

Small Batch Production

We produce small collections with fast turnover to minimize end-of-season overstock waste and ensure all our products stay fresh and exclusive for our customers. :) 

Fair Prices Every Day

Thanks to our small batch production and our fair transparent prices, we don’t rely on markdowns to clear excess inventory.  So you can always rest assured that you're getting the best price for your purchase no matter when you choose to shop!