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Urban summertime - Maguire SS22

Urban summertime - Maguire SS22
When we started brainstorming for a concept to showcase our summer 2022 collection, we immediately thought of none other than Jean Talon Market, a staple of Montreal’s best assets.
As the local producers were opening up their shops and getting ready for the high season, we couldn’t help but get inspired by all the flowers, fresh produce and the abundance of potential that the space offered. Through a few visits and test runs, we were able to find some hidden spots that perfectly embodied the summer vibe we were looking for.


Our shoes are bold, unique, and make heads turn: and the outfits we chose to pair them with are just that. For us, expressing yourself through fashion is a real thing — and mix and matching different colours, patterns and materials is how we give the Maguire touch to these looks.


Sun, sand and seashells often come to mind when thinking of summer. But for us, summer isn’t entirely that.
We wanted to stray away from that idealistic idea of summer, and portray a more realistic one: spent in the city, surrounded by bits of nature, and enjoying a Sunday-like stroll through your local market.