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  • City: Bari, Italy
  • Owner: Marco
  • Employees: 70
  • Maguire products: Women’s boots and sandals

What we love about this partner?
The strength of this manufacturer is certainly their wide selection of moulds and materials both classic and modern. Also, they have one of the most refined and organized ordering/restocking systems we have worked with, which certainly inspires our confidence in their reliability!

How did we find them?
It was in visiting a trade show in Milan where we met this partner. After having toured all the kiosks in vain, we finally happened upon this one in which all the samples appealed to us. There was a bustle of interest around this kiosk, so much so that Myriam was nearly unable to speak to with the owner. But finally after a brief exchange, he immediately took an interest in our project and vision as he also believes that direct-to-consumer brands represent the future of fashion and the footwear industry. It was the perfect match!


  • City: Montecatini Terme, near Florence, Italy
  • Owners: Carlo Alberto and his father Remo
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Maguire products: 4 men’s shoes and our signature women’s sneaker: Roma
    What we love about this partner?
    One of the biggest advantages of working with this manufacturer is that it is  CETA certified, obtained thanks to a reduced consumption of materials. By winning the certification for all the tanneries and suppliers with which they do business, their products can be exported to Canada duty free. This reduction in costs thus allows us to set a more attractive price for our customers!

    Their story
    Located in a city historically renowned for high-end shoe production, this manufacturer is today one of the last remaining in the region. At the start of our collaboration, the manufacturer produced only men’s sized models, but recently began expanding into women’s sizes as well, such as our Roma sneaker.


    • City: Nola, outside Napoli, Italy
    • Owners: The D.L. family
    • Circa: 1940
    • Maguire products: 9 handbags and 1 wallet

    What we love about this partner
    Located in Nola, a traditional leather goods hub, this manufacturer possesses a stylish competence quite distinct from where we had formerly produced our handbags. This allows us to design handbags with more structure and precise design details than otherwise.

    Their Story
    A family enterprise like all our manufacturers, this factory has as its principal mission to continue to develop the style while conserving the roots of this Italian tradition. They promote the craftsmanship of master-artisans, high-quality materials, and sought-after production techniques. You can rest assured all their handbags are made locally, by hand, with Italian leather.

    • City: Napoli, Italy
    • Owners: Father-son duo Vincenzo and Guiseppe.
    • Founded: 1991
    • Maguire products: Alpi leather gloves
    • Total annual production: 100,000 pairs

    Their story

    In 1964, at the tender age of 16, the founder of this factory discovered a passion that would follow him throughout life. In his first job at small Neapolitan factory he would learn the art of the “Neapolitan Glove.” His son Guiseppe would inherit the same passion and in 1991 take the reigns of the family business, injecting new energy and expanding within Italy and abroad.

    How did we find them?

    It was on the way to visiting our Florence factory that our founder and designer Myriam happened across the products originating from this factory. Thoroughly impressed by the selection of coloured leathers, the craftsmanship and the reasonable price, Myriam reached out to the company and entered into business with them right away. As a bonus, they already exported to Canada, so it saved us a lot of paperwork! What luck!



    • City: Florence, Italy
    • Owners: Michele and children Giovanni and Giovanna.
    • Founded: 1925
    • Maguire products: Della handbags

    What we love about this partner?

    Our Della handbags are the result of a plaiting technique traditional to the region, entirely braided by hand. This allows us to produce in small batches, but in many different colours, nine to be precise, which can not be done in mass-production. These unique pieces are our first products in a non-leather material: lurex.

    Their Story
    This manufacturer’s story is one of a century of expertise. Founded in 1925, it quickly became one of the premiere hat producers in Florentine straw. In the 1950s, the second generation expanded the family business into women’s purses and handbags, also woven from straw and other natural fibres. Always with an eye to international markets, they started distributing to the largest department stores of Europe and America.

    With the arrival of the third generation within the family enterprise in the 1990s, new products, hand-woven and crocheted in macrame were added to the product selection. They continue to supply some of the biggest names in fashion today.