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Reflecting on March 8th.

Reflecting on March 8th.

Happy International Women’s Day — to you, to us, and to all the incredible women that we work with.

Strong-willed women are at the core of Maguire. Throughout our journey, we’ve collaborated  with other entrepreneurs, business partners, collaborators and suppliers, among which were women that shaped and built Maguire, contributing to the brand’s identity and success. The Maguire ecosystem is populated mostly by women — and we take pride in that.

It is in this spirit that I would like to go ahead and give a shoutout to all the hard-working, intelligent women that contribute to the brand daily, starting with our in-house team, where women make up 92% of the team.

When it comes down to the shoes we market, we partner with lots of women-owned factories that have defied industry norms. A heartfelt thanks to Lucia and Jessica from Italy, to Tracy from China and to Maria from Greece for pouring your heart into making the shoes we dream of become reality.

Immense gratitude towards our stylist Farah Benosman for growing with us since day one, our photographer Jodi, and makeup artists Jess Cohen as well as Alana et Maddie Alper. The quality of your work, your creativity and attention to detail help bring our brand to life.

And to all the other women entrepreneurs out there — we see you and encourage you. Partnering with other women-led brands has been an integral part of our growth this year. Whether it’s with our friends from our last pop-up in Vancouver Decade, Wolf Circus and Eliza Faulkner, the vendors from our last Mag Market Deux Lions Jewelry Kiki Makes, Seconde, La Tombée, Seruh and Pas Mon Style, or other canadian designers with whom we’ve collaborated with, such as Noemiah + Joëlle, Em & May and Beauties Lab.

So Happy International Women’s Day. Let’s support each other — uplifting women-led companies and women in decisive roles is a choice we’ll forever stand by. Here’s to recognizing and valuing women's accomplishments — the work you do is truly outstanding.