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Our Story

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We're Maguire. High end. Fair price.

We are Maguire, an independent women-led company on a mission to make quality fashion footwear fair and accessible.

We design original shoes and accessories, hand-pick craft manufactures around the world to produce them. Then we sell directly to you through our website, pop-up shops, and concept stores for half the price of our competition.

Our Story Sisters owned

Everywhere we shopped, it was a choice between quality or affordability. Why can we have both?

Maguire was founded in Montreal by sisters Myriam and Romy with the intent to shake up an industry that has remained static for too long. Re-thinking everything from design to supply chain to in-store shopping, our founders leveraged their industry work experience and a unique perspective to do everything in a fresh new way.

From launch in 2016 with one product and a website, to today with stores in two cities and sales in ten countries, we continue our work to make luxury friendly, make exclusivity accessible, and to make fashion fair.

Original Designs Made in Montreal, Canada

Designed by ourselves in Montréal, we love to create original classics that you will actually wear and cherish for a long time. Our philosophy? Essential, not boring.

Ethical Craftsmanship Handpicked in Europe

Our shoes are produced by small family-owned manufacturers around the world. We personally visit every factory and meet directly with owners and staff to ensure that our values and standards of quality are reflected throughout our supply chain.

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No middlemen DTC business model

We produced in the same factories as high end brand but for half the price.

We work directly with manufacturers and sell directly to you, our customers. We cut out agents, brokers, distributors, and other middlemen who inflate the price at retail. Many of our products are made in the very same factories who produce for other top names, but we sell at half their prices. This means you get the same great quality at a fair price.

Transparency We have no secrets

We believe in an informed, conscious consumer. Other shoe brands might not want to reveal how little of their unit cost is actually materials and manufacturing, but we have nothing to hide! We show you the production costs on each product page, you know exactly what you get for your dollar.

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New Retail Experience Self-service wardrobe

Step into a Maguire boutique and you are greeted with our signature wall-to-wall shoe closet: All our models in every size at your fingertips to browse and try on at your leisure. When you’ve made your choice, we’ll fetch a fresh pair from the stockroom for you to take home. It’s fun, clean, and efficient.

Each of our boutiques has its own personality and features our unique shoe closet concept. Inside, you will find samples of all our styles in every size, ready to try at your leisure. Say goodbye to waiting, boxes everywhere, and commissioned sales staff.

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