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Our Nola Collection


  • City: Nola, outside Napoli, Italy
  • Owners: The D.L. family
  • Circa: 1940
  • Maguire products: 9 handbags and 1 wallet


Transparent pricing: 

What we love about this partner:

Located in Nola, a traditional leather goods hub, this manufacturer possesses a stylish competence quite distinct from where we had formerly produced our handbags. This allows us to design handbags with more structure and precise design details than otherwise.

Their story:

A family enterprise like all our manufacturers, this factory has as its principal mission to continue to develop the style while conserving the roots of this Italian tradition. They promote the craftsmanship of master-artisans, high-quality materials, and sought-after production techniques. You can rest assured all their handbags are made locally, by hand, with Italian leather.