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Our Florence Collection


  • City: Florence, Italy
  • Owners: Michele and children Giovanni and Giovanna.
  • Founded: 1925
  • Maguire products: Della handbags


Transparent pricing:

What do we love about this partner?

Our Della handbags are the result of a plaiting technique traditional to the region, entirely braided by hand. This allows us to produce in small batches, but in many different colours, nine to be precise, which can not be done in mass-production. These unique pieces are our first products in a non-leather material: lurex.

Their story:

This manufacturer’s story is one of a century of expertise. Founded in 1925, it quickly became one of the premiere hat producers in Florentine straw. In the 1950s, the second generation expanded the family business into women’s purses and handbags, also woven from straw and other natural fibres. Always with an eye to international markets, they started distributing to the largest department stores of Europe and America.

With the arrival of the third generation within the family enterprise in the 1990s, new products, hand-woven and crocheted in macrame were added to the product selection. They continue to supply some of the biggest names in fashion today.