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Our Bari Collection


  • City: Bari, Italy
  • Owner: Marco
  • Employees: 70
  • Maguire products: Women’s boots and sandals


Transparent pricing: 


What we love about this partner ?

The strength of this manufacturer is certainly their wide selection of moulds and materials both classic and modern. Also, they have one of the most refined and organized ordering/restocking systems we have worked with, which certainly inspires our confidence in their reliability! 

How did we find them ?

It was in visiting a trade show in Milan where we met this partner. After having toured all the kiosks in vain, we finally happened upon this one in which all the samples appealed to us. There was a bustle of interest around this kiosk, so much so that Myriam was nearly unable to speak to with the owner. But finally after a brief exchange, he immediately took an interest in our project and vision as he also believes that direct-to-consumer brands represent the future of fashion and the footwear industry. It was the perfect match!