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FAQ Maintenance & Warranty

Can I wear your products out of doors?

Our products are of fine quality, but also delicate and require particular attention in certain conditions to preserve their appearance. With the exception of our Rachel winter boot, our shoes are not factory waterproofed we recommend avoiding rain and snow whenever possible.

How should I maintain my Maguire shoes and handbags?

When properly cared for, natural leather and suede are long lasting durable materials. We suggest treating your Maguire products regularly with recommended leather conditioners. Remember to always test conditioning products in an inconspicuous place to avoid undesired discolouration. When in doubt, a visit to the local cordswainer or cobbler is a worthwhile investment!

Do you guarantee your products?

All our products are handmade. Therefore it is possible that items exhibit small variations from one to another. However we are pleased to offer free repairs for any significant manufacturing defects found in our products. We favour repair as an environmental solution that reduces waste and supports local craftspeople. If you have any questions with regards to our product warranties, write us at

Please note that we are not responsible for damage or alteration of the product incurred during normal use, or as a result of inappropriate use, accident, or inadequate maintenance.